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If you want to do something in online then there is no option without buying a relevant domain name from a best domain registrar company. First of all it’s the first entry point to enter into the world wide web. Choosing a domain name is not an easy task. If you are not lucky (at least i am not) you have to spend a lot of time to find a great domain name. Before choosing a domain name you have to be cautious on the below 5 common points in parallel to search for a cheap domain registration company:

cheap domain registration decission

  1. Relevancy – It will help you to rank in SERP. The ultimate goal for SEO.
  2. Meaningful – So that sharpers can presume about your site. As a result you can grab searchers attention.
  3. Memorable – It will help visitors to come back again.
  4. Thoughtful – It’s your identity. It’s your signature. So create thoughtfully.
  5. Easy to type – Sharper won’t go to your competitor site mistakenly. Because its easy.

Once you have finalized your most desired domain name the second & most valuable step is to buy domain name. To do that you have to choose a well established domain name registration company. Most of the domain registers company offer lot of options in different price plans. Pick your desired one so that you can continue up to your life time.

To choose a best domain registrar you have to consider the domain renewal plan seriously. In 15+ years of my web career i have worked with a lot of domain name registration companies, unfortunately not all are equally great in terms of price, service and in trust level. Based on my experience here i am going to enlisted the very best top 5 cheap domain registration companies for my visitors. And I believe that all are best in price as well as in service. Therefore you won’t be a looser in the long run. Don’t go for free domain registration all time :). Listing is purely based on the current offerings, renewal price & market reputation (reviews & my experience).

Price comparison matrix among cheapest domain registration:

A price comparison table to get Cheap Domain Registration Company – To Buy Domain Names
Fig: As of March 03, 2017

#1. – Find a great Domain:

They have sealed their name in online more accurately. They are lucky right? I am a big fan of their name(URL) & email service. I am surely placing it at number 1 place in my list. Here the .com domain start with $9.99 per year & renewal price is $11.49 per year. The minimum term is 1 year. offers all major Top Level Domains (TLDs) and over 25 Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs). Every domain registration includes the following domain tools: URL Forwarding, Email Forwarding, DNS Management, Transfer Lock etc. Their customer service in online & offline is very good. You can rely on them.

View & Analyze Their Price Plan price list

2 years cost: $9.99+$11.49 = $21.48
5 years cost: $9.99+($11.49*4) = $55.95
10 years cost: $9.99+($11.49*9) = $113.40

** More over they have a lot of SALE whole over the year. You have to follow to get a best deal.

#2. Hostgator – Your One-Stop-Shop For Domains!

I want to keep it up. In my eyes hostgator is the most popular domain registration & hosting company around the world. They’ve been around for a long time & achieved a lot of awards. Here the .com domain starts with $12.95/yr with free domain locking & auto-renew by default. Moreover hostgator easy to manage domain control panel is designed to allow all aspects of your domains to be managed more efficiently. Furthermore they will give you domain transfer facility if required. Regarding support service, hostgator provides the best real time online support(wait queue time not so high) undoubtedly & they pride for it. Their recent youtube ads also high in standard. My one year old son loving their gator really.

View & Analyze Their Price Plan

Hostgator price plan to buy a domain name

2 years cost: $12.95*2 = $25.9
5 years cost: $12.95*5 = $64.75
10 years cost: $12.95*10 = $129.5

#3. Godaddy – Find Your Perfect Domain Name:

The customer base is 14 million. A giant domain name seller in the planet. I am keeping it at number #3. The .com now available at $2.99/1st yr. When you register for 2 years or more. Additional years will cost $14.99. They offer lot more free extras including parked page & domain locking. If you have a big plan you can buy domain name online from them. Regarding support service they have a long queue but you will get your desired support once connected.

View & Analyze Their Price Plan

GODADDY - Extension wise Domain price list

2 years cost: $2.99+$14.99 = $17.98
5 years cost: $2.99+($14.99*4) = $62.95
10 years cost: $2.99+($14.99*9) = $137.90

#4. Namecheap – Address Your Life:

The name explains why they are in my top 5 cheap domain registration company favorite list. Namecheap is one of the most popular cheap domain registration service since 2001. They are rated 4.6 out of 5 based on 718159 real customer ratings and reviews at Shopper Approved. For .com it costs $10.87 for the first year and $10.67 for every next year including ICANN fee. So you can secure your favorite domain name to ensure your web presence with low-priced registration and great service from Namecheap today. Finally they provide first year WhoisGuard for free.

View & Analyze Their Price Plan

namecheap- the best cheap domain registration company to buy online

2 years cost: $10.87+$10.67 = $21.54
5 years cost: $10.29*10+$.90(ICANN fee) = $52.35
10 years cost: $10.29*10+$1.80(ICANN fee) = $104.70

#5. 1&1 Domains – Domains At The Best Prices:

All 1&1 domain registrations include a simple five-page starter website (consider it a “super” domain parking package), an email account with 2GB of storage, and free private domain registration to shield your personal information. 1&1 also offers free domain transfer. The .com domain first year registration fee is $0.99/month for the first year, then $14.99/year. Billing cycle 1 year. No minimum contract term. 30 days money back guarantee. So if you need such guarantees you can consider them.

View & Analyze Their Price Plan

buy domain name without any yearly contract

2 years cost: ($0.99*12)+$14.99 = $26.87
5 years cost: ($0.99*12)+($14.99*4) = $71.64
10 years cost: ($0.99*12)+($14.99*9) = $146.79

7 must have bonus tips before cheap domain registration:

  1. Analyze all plans specially first year & second year because some are offering very low rate for the first year but charge more from second year.
  2. Hidden cost – Don’t make your final buy decision from their first offer page because some hidden charges maybe awaiting in checkout page.
  3. Cross Sale or Up Sale – Almost every domain register company including mentioned above trying hard to add additional products in your cart. Initially none of them is required for you. Hence strongly recommend to spend your hard earning money purposefully.
  4. Easy transfer – Checkout this because it maybe not required now but in future it will be required. All established domain registration company offer this free. Be aware from funky short term free domain registration companies. Therefore check this policy carefully.
  5. ICANN-registered – For unknown companies check this first whether they are ICANN-registered or not.
  6. Email account: Some offers free email account. Opt this if required. Because you need your business email address before hosting.
  7. Customer support – A must one. Once you go online you can’t wait for long day’s.

So far I have shared those best cheap domain registration companies that i have experienced since 2000. And i am strongly recommend any one from my top 3. If your choice does not match with my list or you have better experience with other domain name registration companies to buy domain names in cheap rate please don’t hesitate to share with me & with my readers. And finally – don’t forget to share with your friends & colleagues in social media sites using the below shared buttons.

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