Add a Column to a Table in SQL Server With Default Value

As a software developer or Sql Server Administrator more often we need to add a column or multiple column or a column with a default value. So Adding column in a table is a very common task in our daily lives. But some times we can not remember the syntax of Adding column with Datatype or constraints in a table. That’s why in this article I will note down the required syntax or code examples as a SQL Server reference.

Focus Area:
1. Add a Column
2. Add Multiple Columns
3. Add a Column with Constraint
4. Add a Column with Default Value

The SQL syntax for ALTER TABLE to Add a Column:

ALTER TABLE "Table_Name"
ADD "Column_Name" "Data Type";

SQL to Add a Column to a Table:

ALTER Table dbo.tblSupplier
ADD Email CHAR(50)

SQL to Add Multiple Columns to a Table:

ALTER TABLE dbo.tblSupplier
ADD Last_Order_Date DATETIME, 
Order_Status BIT;

SQL to Add a Column with CHECK Constraint:

ALTER TABLE dbo.tblSupplier
-- MOQ(Minimum Order of Quantity)

SQL to Add a Column with Default Value:

ALTER TABLE dbo.tblSupplier
Country VARCHAR(50) DEFAULT 'Bangladesh'
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