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JQuery Click Event to Highlight a Row of an HTML table with Even Odd CSS

Highlighting a row is very essential when the table is very wide & need to scroll horizontally to read whole row. Using CSS and JQuery it’s very easy to implement, but a bit complex while the table has alternate row

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CSS to Conditionally set Asp.Net Repeater Row Background Colour using C# VB.Net

Asp.Net Repeater Control is used to represent data repeatedly. Sometimes we can use this control to represent data in tabular format. Since more often we use this control, we need to represent data visually meaningful. For such type of user/client

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Common CSS styles for Text Color Decoration Indenting Alignment Spacing Line Height

Its quite impossible to remember all CSS property to manage UI. The best way is create a css file & use it in your applications by modifying if needed. Most of the times we did this. Copy & paste. I

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How to Apply CSS Styles for Header Paragraph Div Background

The background of a website is the first priority, so please take your time to finalize background effects. If you are aiming for a professional website, a good rule of thumb is to use a light background with dark text.

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6 Free Professional Ecommerce Website Templates to Download

For you means who does not designed their online Ecommerce website yet the free e-commerce website templates can provide you a pre designed solution for creating an online E-Commerce website quickly. Which will reduce your development time as well as

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5 Free Professional Real Estate Website Templates to Download

Why you design a template? Its completely waste your valuable time as well as money. Just pick a concept from various free template sites or direct download free template & start works. It will save your time & money also.

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5 Free Professional Dating Website Templates to Download

Making a website template is a time consuming as well as costly. In this post i will try to help how you will get a List of FREE WEB TEMPLATES to start your business within a couple of days. Each

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How to Change CSS Class Name Runtime using javascript onclick Event

If you are aiming to make HTML elements and change its CSS properties without reloading the entire page then this post is for you. Most often we need to change CSS dynamically to fullfill user requirement. In this post i

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