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DataGridView DataTable Bind to Fill Data Using C# VB.Net

c# datagridview datatable example

Bind DataGridView DataTable: DataGridView is basically used to display data in tabular format though data source could be different. It could be database, XML, JSON etc. Here in this C# & VB.Net code example I will explain the most common functionality

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Replace Sub Queries within “IN” or “Not IN” command by JOIN Operator to improve SQL Query Performence

As a developer we have to ensure faster response time of our applications. From our practical experiences, we found that most of the performance degradation are caused by non optimized SQL query. At the very initial stage developers may not

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Getting last ID value of identity column from SQL Server for the most recently inserted record using ASP.Net C# & VB.Net

For the relational database like SQL Server, Oracle, and Microsoft Access/Jet we have to maintain a primary key to establish relation among entities. To do that we can use business code if applicable, but in some cases we have to

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JQuery AJAX Example Code in to Insert or Save Data into SQL Server Database without Postback in C#.Net VB.Net

In almost each and every web application we need to save or insert data into database. To save or insert data into database we need to postback into the server. Using AJAX we can provide the functionality without refreshing the

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How to Check or Handle NULL Values in Where Clause in SQL Server

NULL is an interesting value in any relational Database. Sometimes its same (for Grouping), some times not (for equality). In many cases we need to identify records those contains NULL value. Some times we need to discard records if any

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Runtime Bind Data from SQL Server Table to Datagridview in Windows Application in C# VB.NET

DataGridView is an essential control for windows applications. This control can be used in both C#.Net windows applications as well as VB.Net Applications. Specially we use this control for tabular data representation. Here in this article I will show “How

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How to Create RDLC Report Step by Step Example in using C# and

Now a days for reporting purposes we have a lots of choice. RDLC report is one of the most popular reporting engine for developers. Using RDLC report you can easily represent data to the end user. You can also

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SQL SERVER – SQL CASE Statement Conditions Examples Syntax and Explanation

The SQL CASE statement is used as a conditional operator that considers a value or expression, examines it, and return values if matched. CASE is used to provide if-then-else type of logic or Switch Case type of logic to SQL.

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Using SQL Server SUBSTRING Function

SUBSTRING() function is one of the most useful and popular string manipulation function of SQL Server. This function allows you to extract a specific substring or a portion of substring from a string. In this SQL Server Tutorial I will

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How to TRIM a String in SQL Server

TRIM is a very popular string function in many SQL. But SQL Server does not have TRIM function directly. Instead of TRIM string function SQL Server provides us LTRIM and RTRIM function to remove specified prefix or suffix from a

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