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Why C# or Generics perform better than Collections – a case study with example

Generics are the most powerful feature of .NET 2.0. Generics not only allow us to define type-safe data structures but also gives us a significant performance boost and higher quality code. Collections means we are talking about System.Collections and Generics

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Short introduction to Learn about MIME type

MIME = Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extensions. This article will explain “What is ENC MIME type“. Its a commonly used basic viva/written interview question. MIME type is a standard way of defining file types between HTTP Client and HTTP Server. Without a

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Basic Introduction to Learn about HTTP Protocol

At first what is Protocol? Protocol means a way of communication between two or more parties. To connect two parties like client and server at first we need to establish a connection between them and after that we need to start

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Cross Page Posting or Postback to Transfer Data in C# VB.Net

In 1.1 we can postback a form itself but can’t posting back to other pages. This is a limitation of 1.0. But from upper versions we can simulate cross page postback by using Response.Redirect or Server.Transfer that i

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How to Pass or Transfer Data or Parameters values from one Aspx page to another Aspx page in Asp.Net C# VB.Net

Pass or Transfer data from one page to another page is a very common task in Web development. Specially when you develop a project, for redirects or navigates from one ASP.NET Web page to another, you will frequently need to

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Difference Between GET and Post HTTP Methods Asp.Net Interview Question

Might be this is the first interview question by the viva board. Which is very basic and you have to explain clearly. That’s why i am trying to write the post “Basic difference between GET and POST method”. In general

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Difference Between Server.Transfer and Response.Redirect Asp.Net Interview Question

There is a common question for developers in interview board that “What is the difference between Response.Redirect and Server.Transfer“. In a common term we can use both to redirect the user from source page to destination page. But there

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When a user send request to the Web server, the page passes a lot of events from Initialization to Unloading. Generally an Aspx page contains a lot of server side controls, HTML controls as well as user controls. Most

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