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How to pass set Crystal Report Parameter value from C# VB.Net in runtime

When you design a Crystal Report most of the time you need to use Crystal Report parameter specially to design report header. Like you are going to output a report which contains a certain date data or may be a

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Dynamically Runtime Bind Data into Crystal Report using C# VB.Net

In my first Crstal Report Article I have shown “How to Prepare the Environment“. Now in action. Reporting is the most sensitive part of any database driven application. Without reporting system an application never completed. Fortunately we found again crystal

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How to Install Crystal report in Visual Studio 2010

When i want to add Crystal Report in my Visual Studio 2010 I found a CrystalReport.mht file instead of CrystalReport.rpt file. In the CrystalReport.mht file i did not see the designer even smart tag to configure my first Crystal Report

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