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Csharp CSV File Data Inserted into SQL Server Database Table in ASP.Net Using C# and VB.Net

csharp csv file data inserted into sql server table using

Inserting data using form is a time consuming task like bill pay queue (if not automated). If it’s taking much time then usually we seek alternative solution. One of the most common solution is to import data from CSV to sql

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TreeNode Node onclick Server Side Event Implementation – ASP.Net TreeView Click C# VB.Net

treenode node onclick server side-Treeview Node Click Event code for c#

Asp.Net gives us a nice TreeView Control to re present data in hierarchical way. But unfortunately we did not get any TreeNode Node onclick Server Side Event to implement. After searching a lot feeling unlucky & realize that it’s a must need feature

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DataGridView DataTable Bind to Fill Data Using C# VB.Net

c# datagridview datatable example

Bind DataGridView DataTable: DataGridView is basically used to display data in tabular format though data source could be different. It could be database, XML, JSON etc. Here in this C# & VB.Net code example I will explain the most common functionality

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Login Panel JQuery in – Login With Twitter Drop Down Style

Login Panel JQuery in AJAX

I have searched a lot to find a complete work around on implementing Twitter style JQuery Login Panel with ajax in C# & Unfortunately i did not get any complete solution around the web. Hence decided to write

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Why C# or Generics perform better than Collections – a case study with example

Generics are the most powerful feature of .NET 2.0. Generics not only allow us to define type-safe data structures but also gives us a significant performance boost and higher quality code. Collections means we are talking about System.Collections and Generics

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JQuery Click Event to Highlight a Row of an HTML table with Even Odd CSS

Highlighting a row is very essential when the table is very wide & need to scroll horizontally to read whole row. Using CSS and JQuery it’s very easy to implement, but a bit complex while the table has alternate row

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CSS to Conditionally set Asp.Net Repeater Row Background Colour using C# VB.Net

Asp.Net Repeater Control is used to represent data repeatedly. Sometimes we can use this control to represent data in tabular format. Since more often we use this control, we need to represent data visually meaningful. For such type of user/client

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Getting last ID value of identity column from SQL Server for the most recently inserted record using ASP.Net C# & VB.Net

For the relational database like SQL Server, Oracle, and Microsoft Access/Jet we have to maintain a primary key to establish relation among entities. To do that we can use business code if applicable, but in some cases we have to

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Jquery to Merge HTML Table Row for same group of data using rowsapn attribute

When we need to represent data in an HTML Table, more often we need to merge same cell value or row td value. Here in this article I will show you “How one can easily merge same group of data

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How to get set server side DIV of a Content page from Master page Code behind in Asp.Net C# VB.Net

In my previous post I have described how we can Get & Set value of a Master page DIV control. It’s also equally important to know “how we can Get & Set value of a Content page or Child page

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