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Only Character Validation in Javascript for HTML Input TextBox Using Regular Expression

Code Example on - only character validation in javascript

In many cases, we need javascript validation for textbox to allow only alphabets. Most probably it’s the most common validation requirement that HTML & Javascript programmers have performed significantly. Thus I am trying to give you a complete example with

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JQuery Click Event to Highlight a Row of an HTML table with Even Odd CSS

Highlighting a row is very essential when the table is very wide & need to scroll horizontally to read whole row. Using CSS and JQuery it’s very easy to implement, but a bit complex while the table has alternate row

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JQuery to Read HTML Table Row Column Cell Data Records

JQuery or Javascript is an awesome language (though some people don’t want to say language) to improve user experience dramatically. For better user interface we can’t imagine it without JQuery or Javascript. JQuery makes our life more easier. If you

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How to Call Server Side Function from Javascript Function using Ajax in Asp.Net C# VB.Net

In many cases we need to invoke server side method from client scripts. Here in this article I will explain “Calling Asp.Net server side function from JavaScript“. To do that we need to use AJAX ScriptManager. Because the AJAX ScriptManager

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GridView Add Edit Delete using AJAX in Asp.Net C# VB.Net

GridView is one of the most popular Asp.Net Control to take user inputs in a tabular format. You can Add records, Delete Records as well as Update Records in a GridView easily. In this article I will explain “How you

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How to Call JavaScript Function from Code behind in Asp.Net C# Vb.Net

In the implementation time we need to call Javascript function from code behind or server side. Don’t think it’s a complex job. It’s really an easy job to Call a Javascript function from C# VB.Net code. To call javascript function

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How to Get Set Read Write Asp.Net Label Text or Value using Javascript in C# VB.Net

Almost in every cases we need to deal with Asp.Net Label Control. And the usage or accessing Label control from client side is a most common task. Here in this article I will explain “How we can Get Set Asp.Net

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How to Get URL Parameters or Query String Value using Javascript in Asp.Net C# VB.Net

Query String is used to transfer data from one page to another page. Here in this example I will explain How one can get URL Parameters or Query String Value using Javascript from client side. In this example I will

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How to Get Session value in JavaScript from Asp.Net C# VB.Net

In server side we use the Session item container a lot. But some times we need to retrieve the Session variable value from client side like Javascript. Here in this small post I will show you how one can retrieve

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Javascript to Check whether a Value Exists in an Array in Asp.Net C# VB.Net

Checking item existence in an Array is a most common task in our lives. But till today I did not found any efficient Javascript in built method to achieve this. indexOf() method work in some browser not in all that’s

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