Error: ‘object could not be found’ or ‘invalid object name’? SQL Server

As a Developer i thought you may experience one of two errors frequently, even though you thought the object already exist. The error like below:

Msg 208, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
Invalid object name ‘Table/View Name’.
Msg 2812, Level 16, State 62, Line 1
Could not find stored procedure ‘‘.

To Avoid Such type of error keep in mind always the following considerations:
1. The connecting user does not have SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE, EXEC permissions on that object/objects.
2. your are logging/connecting as a different user that you have expected.
3. Referencing the object without an owner name prefix may raise this error;
4. your connected database is wrong;
5. May be you have written wrong object name or spelled incorrectly.

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