How to Install Codeburner Firebug Add-on in your Mozilla Firefox Browser

The web developers most important tool is Firebug. It’s basically a Mozilla Firefox add-on which makes our I mean developers life very easy for debugging and developing error free UI web pages. To inspect HTML or ASPX page elements, CSS even javascript one can easily use the firebug add-on. The firebug application provide us to detect bugs from our pages. It can identify any tag mistakes or CSS conflicts that you have made in your page incorrectly. Firebug also has a live modification feature where you can change the code & see the effect immediately.

To install Firebug in your Mozilla Firefox follow the below steps:
1. Open Firefox Browser and click into the Firefox Down Arrow. Then select Add-ons.
Mozilla Firefox Firebug
2. Click on Search & write “Firebug”. You will find it at the most Right Side Top corner.
3. Now find the “Codeburner Firebug” in the top list
4. Click on install. Everything done.

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