How to Install Crystal report in Visual Studio 2010

When i want to add Crystal Report in my Visual Studio 2010 I found a CrystalReport.mht file instead of CrystalReport.rpt file. In the CrystalReport.mht file i did not see the designer even smart tag to configure my first Crystal Report in Visual Studio 2010. After searching I realize that I need to install Crytal Report again because it does not shipped with Visual Studio 2010 by default like earlier versions. After that I have tried with lot of installer but can not resolve the problem of getting CrystalReport.mht file. So here in this tutorial i will explain “How to prepare Visual Studio 2010 Environment for Crystal Report”.

Follow the below steps:
1. Close VS instances.
2. Download the file. Size: 288 MB “Crystal Report for Visual Studio 2010
3. Run the setup file
4. After completion open the VS
5. Right click on the Project select “Add New Item”
6. Select Crystal Reports
7. Click OK
8. Now you will get the desired CrystalReport.rpt rpt File.

Hope now your problem has been resolved & environment is fully ready to run. Start to develop Crystal Report.

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