Important javascript Event List & Description Reference Table

Event means action. When user click a button means user wants to perform an action. Events like performing:
1. Click on a button
2. Press a key
3. Highlight text
4. Drag & Drop

List of available Javascript Events are given below:
*To see the real life example click on Events:

Event Description Applicable for ?
onAbort When user cancel image loading Image
onBlur When control lost its Focus Button, Checkbox, FileUpload, Layer, Password, Radio, Reset, Select, Submit, Text, TextArea, Window
onChange Combo index change/Textbox data change Text, TextArea, Select
onClick Most useful event. Occur when user click on a button Button, Checkbox, Link, Radio, Submit
onDblClick When user double click on a Link Link
onFocus When an object get focus Button, Checkbox, Radio, Reset, Select, Submit, Text, TextArea
onKeyDown When the key is down means pressing time Link, TextArea
onKeyPress When user presses/holds a key Link, TextArea
onKeyUp When user release a key Link, TextArea
onLoad After completion of loading a page Window, Image
onMouseDown When mouse presses Link, Button, Document
onMouseMove When user moves the mouse Link, Button, Document
onMouseOut When user moves the mouse away from a object Image, Link
onMouseOver When user moves the mouse over a object Image, Link
onMouseUp When user release mouse Document, Button, Link
onMove When user moves the browser window or a frame Document, Button, Link
onReset By clicking on reset Button Form
onResize When user resizes the browser window or a frame Window
onSelect When user select text Text, TextArea
onSubmit When user clicks the submit button Form
onUnload When user leaves the page/close the browser Window

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