MS Access Error(3129)-Invalid SQL statement expected DELETE INSERT PROCEDURE SELECT or UPDATE

I am developing an MS Access project for one of my client. Almost I am done. In a last reconciliation report i need to write a huge SQL query to generate a report. After running the report I found an error. Which is mysterious. Mysterious in a sense that I can not understand the Error Message from error message body. The query is too large & inspecting segment by segment is very critical job. But luckily i resolved the “Invalid SQL statement expected DELETE INSERT PROCEDURE SELECT or UPDATE” just within a 10 minutes. I have copied the query from my application to MS ACCESS query editor. Run the query. Got the error with a HELP link. After clicking the HELP link i found the resolution. Because the help tutorial’s first line is “Your SQL statement could not be recognized because it does not begin with one of the specified reserved words.” That means i made a mistake in one of the SELECT/DELETE/UPDATE statement. Because any query starts with SELECT UPDATE DELETE statement. I scan the query & found that i have misspelled a SELECT sub query with “SLECT”. Interesting. Please find the Help Dialog from below:


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